Smallrig RC 120B

BLK #394-0500
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  • LED Spot Light
  • LED 52800lux @1m
  • With Hyper Reflector
  • Bi-Color 2700K-6500K
  • CRI: 95
  • TLCI.: 96
  • 150W Power Consumption
  • Dual power supply system

RC 120B

Users and scenarios: Living streaming, V-log, Wedding, Documentary film, TVC


RC 120B, the first generation point-source LED light of SmallRig. With the latest COB technology and SmallRig's industrial design excellence, the RC120B is unique.  With the included high-reflectance hyper reflector, at a distance of 1 meter (3.3 ft.), the center illuminance reaches 52,800 lux at 5600K, Far beyond the same level of products on the market. High color fidelity, CRI 95+, TLCI 96+. Standard Bowens mount allows it to compatible with more light-control accessories. 9 built-in light effects “Paparazzi, Firework, Lightning, Fault Bulb, TV, Breath, Flash, Party, Flame”and brightness can be remotely controlled by SmallGoGo.


Key features
1. At a distance of 1 meter (3.3 ft.), the maximum illuminance of the bare light source is 4,450 lux at 5600k. The illuminance level increases to an impressive 52,800 lux after attaching the hyper reflector;
2. TLCI 96+, CRI 95+, CCT 2700K-6500K,ultra-high color rendering, truly restore the color of objects;
3. Supports manual light control and remote control with the SmallGoGo App. Intelligent light control offers color temperature adjustment and 9 light effects;
4. Dual power supply system, support AC adapter and 14.4V/26V V-mount battery ;
5. The noise level of the ultra-quiet fan is only 25dB±2dB at 1 meter (3.3 ft.);
6. When the temperature of the lamp body exceeds 60℃ (140°F), the active heat dissipation function is turned on;
7. Standard Bowens mount: compatible with most light-control accessories;
8. Comes with a high quality snowflake cloth portable storage bag



1. The 4 SKUs only have different plug specifications
2. 3471-US, 3615-EU, 3616-UK, 3617-AU