Smallrig RA-S280A Stand with Arm

BLK #394-0596
€ 5.00 + ΦΠΑ
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  • € 12.00 Ανά Τριήμερο + ΦΠΑ
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  • Light Stand With Arm
  • 5/8" Stud w 1/4" Screw Mount
  • 5KG Payload
  • 94 to 280 cm height
  • 3 Sections
  • Quickly Set Up
  • Built-in Air Cushion
  • Aluminum Construction

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RA-S280A Stand with Arm

Suitable for: portrait photography, still life photography, live streaming, interview, e-commerce photography, etc.


1. Safety air cushion for shock-absorbing.

2. Free to adjust the height from 94 cm to 280cm.

3. Made of high-strength, durable metals.

4. Quick and efficient on/off the flip lock.

5. Flat stainless steel 1/4"-20 threaded adapter for higher compatibility and securer accessory connection.

Brief Descriptions:
1. Air-cushioned design to protect lights and fingers from accidental descent
2. Freely adjustable height from 94cm to 280cm, suitable for different scenarios; folded length of 94cm, easy to be carried with
3. Mainly made of aluminum alloy and iron; the iron support bar is 2.66mm thick and 15mm wide and the aluminum alloy knob is strong and durable; comes with high load-bearing capacity as well as quick and efficient flip lock
4. Flat 1/4"-20 threaded adapter features higher compatibility and securer accessory connection; and is made of strong and durable stainless steel to prevent wear and corrosion
5. Distance between legs at maximum extends to 1.2m for added stability; anti-slip and wear-resistant nylon foot pad



RA-S280A Air-cushioned Light Stand with Arm

Folded Length: 940mm

Max Height: 2800mm

Arm Length: 950-1700mm                      

Center Column Diameter: 35-30-25mm      

Arm Diameter: 26-23mm       

Leg Diameter: 22mm

Load Capacity: 5kg

Net Weight: 3kg

Package Weight: 3.5kg

Color: Black

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Inside Dimensions


Package Dimensions