Equinox HD8

€ 40.00 + ΦΠΑ
  • € 40.00 Ανά Ημέρα + ΦΠΑ
  • € 96.00 Ανά Τριήμερο + ΦΠΑ
  • € 134.00 Ανά Εβδομάδα + ΦΠΑ
  • € 312.00 Ανά Μήνα + ΦΠΑ

  • Underwater Housing for HD mini Cameras
  • Send us the model of your camera to order

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Type: Underwater Housing for HD mini Cameras
Depth rating: 75 meters
Material: Waterproof metal and plastic housing
Color: Black
Cameras supported: JVC HM150  - Send us the model of your camera to make the order
Weight: 15kg
Dimensions: Diameter:212mm, Length:375mm, Height:300mm
Features: 7 Manual controls(1.Power on/off, 2.Record start/stop, 3.Zoom-Wide/Telephoto, 4.Photo still, 5.Memory), Close to neutral buoyancy at approximately 10 meters, BRS (Ballast Release System) for easy travel or if trouble occurs on a dive
Includes: Wide-angle lens(for up to 62mm lenses), External color correction filter, Spare parts kit, Domeport protector, Rubber feet for stability on boat decks, D-ring on rear plate for easy hook up to a lanyard

Accessories: Underwater LCD Monitor 2.5'' 25CM6FPRCAF, Underwater Light 100W UKLC Kit, Waterproof Case WTC1610, Waterproof video Cable 25m VL100