Panasonic PT-VZ580EJ

BLK #017-0831
€ 30.00 + VAT
  • € 30.00 Per Day + VAT
  • € 72.00 Per 3 Days + VAT
  • € 101.00 Per Week + VAT
  • € 234.00 Per Month + VAT

  • HD Projector
  • 3x LCD
  • 1920x1200pixels
  • 5000lm - 1.6X Zoom
  • 16.000:1 Contrast
  • HDMI/CVBS/VGA inputs
  • Throw Ratio: 1.09-1.77:1
  • High Quality

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Best Qualified for Collaboration
Get the best of both worlds in a projector that works brilliantly as a high-brightness portable for large boardrooms, meeting spaces, and classrooms, or as an easily managed ceiling installation solution thanks to single-cable DIGITAL LINK*. However it's used, there's full wireless* media casting support so everybody can serve punchy, pin-sharp pictures in well-lit spaces.

WUXGA (1920 x 1200 pixel) resolution native to the PT-VZ585N/VZ580/VZ470 brings crisp Full HD to meeting spaces and classrooms for immersive viewing. With brightness of up to 5,500 lm*1 and a class-leading 16,000:1 contrast ratio*2, your audience is treated to vivid colors, inky blacks, pure highlights, and clearly legible text reproduction even in bright conditions.

Correct slight color variations in the reproduction range of individual units set up for multi-projection. This is particularly useful for side-by-side configurations delivering ultra-wide-screen pictures. Very large images can be seamlessly presented in auditoriums and boardrooms.

Less maintenance is not only good for your budget, but also the environment. Air filter replacement cycle is at a class-leading 7,000 hours, and the unit can be washed and reused twice*1 to minimize waste. Lamp life is also pushed out to 7,000 hours in ECO2 mode*2, meaning part refreshment can be performed together with filter maintenance to reduce downtime.

Panasonic technology assures sharp and comfortably viewed images even with the blinds open by enhancing fine details (particularly in dark areas of the image) that are normally difficult to see in bright rooms. A built-in sensor measures ambient light while Daylight View Basic adjusts halftone color and brightness to suit ambient illumination*.

Technologies combine to keep noise levels down to just 29 dB*, so the sound of the cooling fan is less distracting. This helps to keep attention focused on the presentation and quiet video scenes.