BlackMagic Ursa Studio Viewfinder

€ 20.00 + VAT
  • € 20.00 Per Day + VAT
  • € 48.00 Per 3 Days + VAT
  • € 67.00 Per Week + VAT
  • € 156.00 Per Month + VAT

  • Studio Viewfinder
  • LCD IPS 7" 1920x1200Pixel
  • 3G/HD/SD-SDI input
  • Tally/Waveform/Histogram
  • False Color/Blue Only/Peaking
  • USB C for Firmware updates
  • For URSA Pro, Mini, Broadcast
  • High Quality

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Ursa Studio Viewfinder

You can turn any model of URSA into a professional live production camera by adding the URSA Studio Viewfinder! Unlike traditional studio cameras which are based on simple video imaging technology, URSA Mini Pro and URSA Mini and Ursa Broadcast are true digital film cameras combined with full professional studio camera features. You get talkback, tally and remote camera control, plus you can add the amazing Blackmagic URSA Studio Viewfinder to get a professional studio camera user interface. The studio viewfinder features a bright 7” screen that features a large easily viewable tally light, control knobs, large easy grip handles, sun shade, variable tension articulated mount and more!

Comfortably work for hours on long events!
Operating a camera at live concerts, sports, and other long events is hard if you have to look through a traditional eyepiece for hours on end! The URSA Studio Viewfinder has a large bright display with large handles and external controls that make it easy to stand behind the camera and comfortably follow the action for extended periods of time. The URSA Studio Viewfinder features integrated dials and buttons that let you adjust settings without having to take your eyes off of the action, plus it includes tally lights and drop in acetate numbers so it’s always easy to identify which camera is live!

Easy to position, adjust and control while live on air!
Designed for professional live production, the URSA Studio Viewfinder features large handles and variable tension articulated mounting that allow you to adjust the position and angle of the viewfinder without moving the camera. It connects directly to the SDI and power outputs on your URSA Mini Pro, making installation simple. The large 7" screen includes a detachable sunshade so you can use it day or night, and the control dials and customizable function buttons let you make adjustments on the fly so you don’t have to touch the screen or look away!

Never take your eyes off of the action!
The URSA Studio Viewfinder features control dials and function buttons that allow you to quickly display critical framing and focus overlays, change settings and more! A menu dial allows you to fly through options and also dial in which part of the picture is magnified so you can check detail and focus. You can also adjust the viewfinder’s brightness, contrast and focus peaking using the dedicated knobs on the right side of the screen. Plus, there are three customizable buttons that can be used to display zebra, false color, edge focus detection, luminance waveform, custom LUTs and more right at your fingertips!

Zoom Zebra False Color Red Green Blue Brightness/Contrast Peaking Histogram Audio Meters

Completely customizable guides and cursors!
Frame guides are an essential function for every viewfinder, especially during live production where graphics and other elements are going to be keyed downstream. The Blackmagic URSA Studio Viewfinder framing guides can show you where a lower third, graphic, logo or ticker will appear so you can accurately compose and frame shots! You can create up to three black or white custom cursors that can have variable height, width and position, so it's easy to match the location to the graphics that will be added live or during later broadcast.
The Blackmagic Video Device Embedded Control Protocol is an advanced open communication protocol that takes advantage of blanking space in the SDI data stream to add talkback, tally and other camera control information direct to the camera via the program return feed. ATEM Switchers support and broadcast this protocol to all the cameras from all outputs on the switcher so you can remote control all your cameras and change settings, balance color, adjust focus and more! This means that you do not need expensive, external and complicated systems from other companies! The Blackmagic control protocol is an open standard and is supported by multiple manufacturers, plus it's also documented in the ATEM switcher manual so anyone can create custom solutions that are compatible with switchers, cameras and more from Blackmagic Design!