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  • Cleaning Kit
  • For Cameras, Lenses and sensors
  • Air Blower for Lens and Sensor
  • Cleaning Pen for Lenses
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth For Lenses
  • Remove dust, fingerprints and dirt
  • Removes oil smudges
  • High Quality

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JJC CL-3(D) Cleaning Kit contains 3 items that can be used to keep your cameras, lenses, filters and other optics free from dust and dirt.

The Air-Blower can direct a powerful stream of air to blow away dust and dirt from your lens, camera body and filter, which is non-toxic and environmental-friendly. Upgraded air nozzle is made of premium silicone, soft and elastic, which can effectively avoid accidental scratches to your optics.

Lens Cleaning Pen
The Lens Cleaning Pen has a retractable soft brush and a circular carbon cleaning tip. You can push the button halfway or fully push it to clean the dust, fingerprints and other debris in different parts with the soft brush. The circular end is suitable for round optical screens cleaning, such as lenses or filters.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
The Microfiber Cleaning Cloth fits cleaning camera lens, smart phone, tablet, kindle, eyeglass, watch, jewelry and other delicate surfaces. Extremely soft microfiber cleaning cloth can effectively absorb and remove dust, fingerprints and oil smudges without leaving debris. Besides that, the cloth can be used repeatedly after being washed.