Tascam DR-100MKII-U

BLK #264-0001
€ 10.00 + ΦΠΑ
  • € 10.00 Ανά Ημέρα + ΦΠΑ
  • € 24.00 Ανά Τριήμερο + ΦΠΑ
  • € 34.00 Ανά Εβδομάδα + ΦΠΑ
  • € 78.00 Ανά Μήνα + ΦΠΑ

  • 2CH Handheld Audio Recorder
  • 4x Microphones (2xOmni+2xCardioid)
  • 2x XLR, 1x Jack 3.5mm inputs
  • 1x Jack 2.5mm Digital input
  • 1x Jack 3.5mm Output
  • BP-L2 Battery or 2x AA Batteries
  • WAV files up to 96kHZ or MP3 files
  • SD-HC REC-Media

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The rugged TASCAM DR-100mkII offers high-end recording features for musicians and engineers who demand more from their portable recorder. It features four built-in microphones - two cardioid and two omnidirectional - for great sounding recordings. A pair of XLR connectors accept microphone level signals with +48V phantom power for pro-grade condenser microphones, or balanced line-level signals (a new feature on the mkII). The mkII version also adds a S/PDIF digital input, locking connectors and more.

Locking XLR inputs for balanced output to professional audio equipment are built in to the bottom of the unit. +48V phantom power is available allowing for condenser microphones to be connected. When LINE1 is selected using the switch on the bottom, the XLR input can be used for line level input. In addition to being compatible with +4dBu line level input, 20dB of head room is available. It is also possible to use it as a backup recorder for line level output. The locking connectors help ensure that there are no accidental disconnections on sites.

A large rotary input volume knob is equipped for making fine adjustments to the input level. Fine level settings can be made that are not possible with digital +/- operation. The volume for the left and right channels are independent so level differences can be adjusted. When quick operation is needed, it is possible to make fine level adjustments by direct operation.

Durable aluminum is used for the front and rear of the body. The strong aluminum body gives a luxurious feel and provides excellent durability.

COAXIAL digital input is possible when the standard conversion cable is connected to the REMOTE/DIGITAL IN connector on the side panel and DIGITAL IN is selected from the Menu. It is compatible with IEC60958-3 (S/PDIF) format.

Multiple mechanical switches can be found on the body allowing you to feel secure about operations, which is different from using menu operations. This ensures quick and secure operation.

The headphone output and line level output connectors are independent, which are integrated on most linear PCM/IC recorders. Because each has optimal circuitry, a high-quality line level output is achieved that is not possible with an integrated connector.

A remote controller is included for eliminating noise from touching the unit, allowing the main body to be set at the optimal location. It is a 2WAY remote control, so in addition to wireless operation, wired operation is also possible for secure operation. A windsock and soft case are also included.

Because a balanced microphone pre-amplifier circuit with discrete parts is used, the S/N ratio is greatly improved over the previous DR-100 when H is selected for MIC GAIN. For the whole circuit, a high S/N ratio of 92dB and a THD+N of 0.01% (max.) are achieved.

An Audio4pro™ IC* by AKM with a S/N ratio in excess of 100dB is used for the AD/DA. High-quality sound is achieved by using the right ADC that digitizes the high-quality sound from the high-quality microphone and analog circuit.

* Audio4pro™ is an IC developed by AKM for professional digital audio equipment such as mixers used in recording studios.