BlackMagic Accessory-Kit-Pocket

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  • Accessory Kit for Pocket cinema 4K
  • Includes anything you need
  • SmallHD Focus Monitor
  • Cage, Bag, Reader, Cards, Adapter
  • Shotgun & lavalier Microphone
  • Phones, Cables

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All the accessories you need for your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K Camera.

  • SmallHD Focus is a high bright monitor which is ideal for video focusing. You can also give power to your camera through the Focus monitor adapter from the standard Sony NPF770 type batteries for long time recordings.
  • With the Metabones SPEF-M43-BT4 or BT3 adapter you can use Canon EF mount lenses. BT3 is compatible only with Full frame lenses.
  • Sandisk 64GB PRO cards ensures your recordings and you can transfer your data with the USB3.0 imagemate reader quickly and safely.  JJC case will protect your SD Cards.
  • Samsung SSD 500GB is a high quality disc for RAW recordings.
  • SmallRig cage protects your camera and gives you extra 1/4" and 3/8 thread holes for accessories such as monitors, lights and microphones. Extra Nato handle gives you the ability for low mode shootings. Metabones support adapter and HDMI/USBC cable lock are also included.
  • Camrade bag is a high quality bag which gives high protection to your camera and your accessories. It includes raincover and extra space for laptop or tablet.
  • The Avtec LEDPAD X52 is a lightweight on-camera LED light for low light enviroments.
  • Rode VideoMicro is a lightweight Microphone for good quality audio recordings. The new shockmount protects your audio recordings from external unwanted sounds.
  • Saramonic SR-XMS2 is a high quality lavalier microphone for interviews.
  • Sennheiser  HD-2.10 phones helps you to check your sound while recording.
  • JJC Cleaning Kit will keep your camera and lenses clean without dust and dirt .
  • Blackmagic Audio and Power cables are very important for your Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.
  • Extra Camera, monitor and light batteries are included for long time recordings. Canon Charger is included in this kit for charging the batteries of your camera quickly and safely.