Teradek Prism Mobile V-Mount

BLK #699-0002
€ 113.00 + ΦΠΑ
  • € 113.00 Ανά Ημέρα + ΦΠΑ
  • € 271.00 Ανά Τριήμερο + ΦΠΑ
  • € 380.00 Ανά Εβδομάδα + ΦΠΑ
  • € 881.00 Ανά Μήνα + ΦΠΑ

  • Bonding Streaming Encoder (V-Mount)
  • For up to 9 network inputs
  • 4x RP-SMA Antenna
  • 2x RJ45 Ethernet IN/OUT
  • 1x HDMI IN and 1x 12G-SDI IN/OUT
  • 4K HDR, 10-bit, 4:2:2 Video
  • USB 2.0 and 5-Pin Lemo Outputs
  • 36W Max. Power/ 6-28V DC IN

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Prism Mobile V-Mount

Introducing the most resilient bonded cellular encoder for live coverage from the field.

The Bonded Cellular Solution
The lowest-SWaP, LTE-enabled camera-back video encoder in its class. Prism Mobile allows you to reliably stream 4K HDR video from the most challenging locations for live coverage on the go.


Mission-Critical Network Bonding
Get exceptional worldwide internet connectivity virtually anywhere you go with two internal high-throughput Node II modems uniquely designed for video applications. For maximum redundancy, Prism Mobile can bond* up to nine network connections across Cellphone Hotspots (4x), Ethernet (2x), and Cellular Modems (3x) – ensuring your stream never misses a beat.


Hardware Overview
Compact, lightweight, and power-efficient: the definition of Low-SWaP. Prism Mobile mounts to the Gold / V-mount battery plate on your ENG camcorder or professional camera rig. And for studio or fixed workflows, Prism Mobile is available as a desktop solution.


CBRS Capable
Prism Mobile supports the new Node II CBRS, enabling your encoder to connect to private, high-speed mobile networks for uncongested transmission of HD and 4K HDR video backhaul.


Internal Node Modems
Node II is our custom high-performance 4G / LTE global modem that provides the critical connectivity required for professional on-the-go streaming.


External Node Modems
Where additional coverage is needed in more challenging environments, Prism Mobile is capable of adding an external Node II modem.


More Than Just A SIM Card

With all that’s needed to manage a production, your data plan should be the last of your concerns. That’s why we’ve created a flexible cellular solution for Prism Mobile that frees you from data throttling and data caps. You can even change your cellular carrier on-site, or in mid-production. Plus, instead of having different plans for different SIMs, Teradek Data allows you to share your data across your whole fleet – pulling from one data bucket for much greater versatility.

Configure from Your Phone
With the Prism app for iOS and Android, you can manage your Prism devices right from your phone or tablet. Fire up the app to configure your encoder, monitor and manage your feed, and review streaming stats in real-time. Lacking internet signal? The Prism app allows you to share your phone's 5G or LTE bandwidth with your Prism device.


Do More With The Cloud
Achieve Prism’s true potential with Core, Teradek’s streaming media orchestration platform. Core allows you to securely monitor, manage, route, distribute, and archive your live video feeds from anywhere in the world.


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